With Jeon So-mi’s parting from JYP Entertainment, Shin Ryu-jin became the main member of the K-pop agency’s most expected girl group.

On August 20, JYP Entertainment officially announced Jeon So-mi’s departure from the agency. “After discussing with the artist, we’re agreed to end the exclusive contract,” write the agency in the official statement.

A day before the announcement, the artist shared an Instagram posting for the first time in three months, which seems to imply her departure. In the caption, Jeon So-mi writes, “The darkest nights make the brightest stars. You guys are all I have. I love you all so much and I miss all.”

In 2016, Jeon So-mi debuted to the K-pop scene by taking the top place in Mnet’s idol survival show, “Produce 101.” After the promotion as a member of I.O.I, the artist has been working on the project for JYP’s new girl group as the strongest candidate.

Regarding the girl group, JYP Entertainment said, “The new girl group on its way with no problem. Shin Ryu-jin, who took the first place in ‘Mix Nine,’ is the main member of the group.”

JYP Entertainment’s new girl group plans to debut next year.


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