Singer, entertainer, and Roo’ra member Shin Jung-hwan is going to return to the entertainment world after a nine-month break.

Shin Jung-hwan
Image source – Koen Stars

On August 21, an official from JTCB’s “Knowing Bros” said that singers Shin Jung-hwan, Kim Ji-hyun, and Chae Ri-na from the group Roo’ra will guest on a special episode for the variety show with the recording scheduled for the 23rd.

According to sources, the production crew was inspired to plan the episode after “Knowing Bros” cast and former Roo’ra member Lee Sang-min revealed he was still close with the other members on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” recently. Additionally, Lee has often mention Kim and Chea on other broadcasts, highlighting his close relationship with them.

The network’s announcement comes after a nine-month break that Shin took after starring in Mnet’s “Project S Devil’s Talent Donation” that ended last November. It was his first program in more than seven years. Shin put his career on hold followed a scandal where he was caught gambling abroad and later indicted for the offense.

With his second major appearance in the entertainment world set, many predict that his performance on “Knowing Bros” is a valuable opportunity that will determine his future course of action.

Meanwhile, JTBC will air the special sometime in September.



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