Group SEVENTEEN took the top spot on Sunday’s broadcast of SBS’ music show “Inkigayo.”

SEVENTEEN took the top spot on SBS’ “Inkigayo” with their song “Home.”

After winning, the group gave a short speech where they thanked their company, fans who are called carats, and expressed joy at their first no.1 win on the show. “We’re grateful to the people in the company (Pledis Entertainment) and to Carats. We’re proud to be Carat’s idol,” and ” “it is our first time being no. 1 on ‘Inkigayo’ since debuting — I’m really happy.”

With their win on the SBS music program, the group gained their fifth prize since they returned with their sixth mini-album You Made My Dawn. Although they have always been a musically gifted group, this new album is reportely different. This record is said to show a level of maturity and music skill and ability that they have not shown before.




Translated by O.C