The alleged “Burning Sun Assault Case” came to light. Burning Sun, a nightclub in Gangnam, Seoul, is widely known for its owner Seungri of Big Bang.

The alleged victim of the case posted several pictures of him as the evidence of physical assaults.

A man accused Gangnam’s nightclub Burning Sun and the police of a group assault. Burning Sun, too, filed a lawsuit against the man for defamation.

The case first came to light as a man, who is only identified by his last name Kim, uploaded a post to an online community on December 24 last year. The lengthy post included a detailed explanation of how he had physically been attacked by a group of men at the nightclub.

“A woman, who was being sexually harassed, tried to hide behind my shoulders,” said Kim, the alleged victim. “I tried to reach out for help to security guards, but the guards and their group attacked me in return.”
Kim also added that the Police did not help either. Instead, they arrested the alleged victim and physically assaulted him while investigating the case. The Police did not only investigate him as the assailant but also refused his request for medical aid.

The alleged victim of “Burning Sun Assault Case” posted to the online community once again on December 21. The posting, which had ranked on top of the board, has now been deleted after someone flagged it.

The Gangnam Police says, “Details of the case cannot be revealed as it’s currently under investigation.” However, they added what Kim is accusing the club and police is unilateral. According to the police, Kim had to be handcuffed because he disobeyed violently. They also strictly denied his accusation of excessive use of force.

According to Gangnam police, Kim has been accused of defamation regarding the reported sexual assault inside the club. And he did not comply with the police’s request to attend.

Kim appeared on social media on January 26 to clarify his position. “I will file a lawsuit. Let’s see who was defamed now,” wrote Kim. He also mentioned Seungri’s name this time.

“You security guards think Seungri will protect you? He is hiding now,” Kim wrote. He added that he will reveal details and evidence soon.


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