Big Bang’s member Seungri finally opened up about the scandal regarding the nightclub he is involved with.

On February 2, Seungri appeared on social media for the first time since the “Burning Sun Scandal” has broken out.

“First of all, I want to apologize to those who felt uncomfortable or worried about the incident that I’m involved with,” Seungri opened up.

Seungri continued, “The incident, which triggered the current scandal, happened when I was not at the site. A few days later, one of the staffs told me that there was a physical fight between a customer and employee and that the Police are investigating it. Due to the nature of the business, this kind of trouble happens rather frequently. I was only hoping for the case to be managed without big issues.”

Regarding the video that’s circulating on the Internet, the star said he was shocked too. “Violence can’t be justified in any circumstance. I sincerely apologize to the victim and I hope she recovers soon, both physically and mentally.”

He also clarified his relationship with the nightclub. “I was offered a position as an executive director of the club, taking charge of the marketing. Being a celebrity, I advertised the club to the public.”

He continued, “The actual operation or management was not my duty at the club and I have not engaged with those duties since the beginning. Because of that, I failed to show responsibility for the incident. I feel regretful about it and sincerely apologize.”

Seungri also mentioned the reports about sexual assaults and illegal drug uses inside the club. “We will cooperate with the police investigation to help to probe. As a former executive director, I will accept my responsibility if there is any.”

The “Burning Sun Scandal” came to light as a customer to Burning Sun, which was well known as a nightclub operated by Seungri, accused the club’s security guards and police officers of a group assault.


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