While a series of cases related to “Burning Sun” is still under investigation, a media outlet accused Seungri of aiding prostitution for foreign investigators.

In courtesy of YG Entertainment (left) and SBS funE (right).

According to the report released on February 26, Seungri exchanged messages with the head of an investigation firm and an employee of a renowned club in Gangnam. In the messages exchanged in December 2015, Seungri referred to a group of investigators from Taiwan, asking the club employee to find girls of them.

According to the messages, when the club employee made sure he will take care of the group by reserving main seats and preparing bodyguards, Seungri once again asked, “How about girls? Make sure they spread legs easily.”

The messages continued and the head of an investigation firm, who reportedly was working with Seungri to launch a business together at the moment, said, “I’m finding the prostitutes so make sure you guide them to hotel rooms.”

The man is known as actress Park Han-byul’s husband.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is yet to respond to the accusation.


By Heewon Kim