Seoul beat Busan to become the bidding city for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

The Korea Sports Council held an opening ceremony and general meeting in North Chungcheon Province on Tuesday to decide which South Korean city it would put forth as a contender for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

For quite some time Busan and Seoul have been battling it out to be chosen as the representative host city. So fierce in fact, one member proposed that they present a “joint bit between Seoul and Busan” which might sweeten the deal.

Based on this idea, however, came the proposal that instead of two cities in South Korea that the government works with their Northern counterpart to include Pyeongyang creating an event that emphasized global peace and cooperation. “We will also be able to open a new chapter of the Olympics through a joint opening and closing ceremony with North Korea’s capital Pyeongyang,” said an official.

When it came time to vote, 34 votes out of 49 selected Seoul as the candidate city for the bit. As a result, the council will present Seoul to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as South Korea’s representative for the games. Talking about the capital Seoul’s mayor Park Won-soon lauded the cities positive traits. “Seoul is the most suitable city in all areas taking into account its history, location, economy, leadership, and experience [in hosting the Olympics].”

The city’s official Instagram account posted a congratulatory video in response to the win.


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However, the mayor emphasized that this bid was not just a way to enrich Seoul but for the “nation’s fortune” as a whole. Later this week, delegates from both the North and the South will discuss the joint bid in detail.





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