AOA member Seolhyun donated 100 million KRW to support the children of low-income families.

According to The Community Chest of Korea, K-pop artist Seolhyun joined Honor Society by donating 100 million KRW (approximately $88,900 USD).

Honor Society recognizes donors who donated at least 100 million KRW. Seolhyun is the 1991st member of Honor Society and the 6th member as a singer, following SNSD’s Yoona and Miss A’s Suzy.

Previously on November 29, the K-pop artist donated 50 million KRW through Community Chest to support children of low-income families. Less than a month after that on December 20, she donated another 50 million KRW to support related business.

“I’ve been worrying about the younger children who are going through hardships,” said Seolhyun. “I feel happy to be able to return the love and support I’ve received from many.”


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