“The Third Charm” released its first posters that reveal the perfect chemistry between the two leads, Seo Kang-joon and Lee Som.

Imagine Asia / JYP Pictures

Set to premiere on September 28, the new Korean drama “The Third Chemistry” released official posters, hinting the drama’s plot. JTBS’s new drama is going to depict four seasons of a long time relationship between the two people who have grown to be a couple over years.

The first poster captures a moment when the two are 27 years old. Contrary to the released still shots which show the two are 20 years old, the newly released poster implies a romantic development of their relationship.

Imagine Asia / JYP Pictures

The phrase written on the poster reads, “We’ve known each other for seven years, yet dated only for two days?” The phrase hints about how their relationship will be developed as they go through the youngest years of their twenties.

“The Third Charm” is co-written by Park Hee-kwon of “Flu” (2013) and Park Eun-young of “My Dear Enemy” (2008). Producer Pyo Min-soo of “Full House,” “Worlds Within,” “Hogu’s Love,” and “The Producers” will be in charge of directing.

The drama will premiere on September 28.


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