Seo Jang-Hoon finally gets to host a program all by himself!

On August 13, reports stated that Seo Jang-Hoon became the solo MC to host the upcoming survival audition program for models. The program is entitled “Super Model 2018 Survival” aiming for a premiere in October on SBS Plus Channel.

The Supermodel Contest, which has been running since 1992, greeted its 27th anniversary with a special format. The competition decided to introduce an “entertainment” segment to the competition, so that it enlivens the atmosphere than before. As a result, the program determined Seo Jang-Hoon was the perfect fit for the host, as he managed to incorporate his specialty, that is sports, with a dose of entertainment.

Regarding the news, Seo commented, “I’m glad to have gained this opportunity to become an assistant to help producing the next generation of models. Throughout the show, I will try my best to read the contestant’s mind and give comfort if and when needed.”

Meanwhile, “Supermodel 2018 Survival” has added more elements to choosing a winner this year. In addition to walking the runway, the contestants will have to show off their singing, acting, and dancing abilities. With the changed system, the program will go on for a few months to produce the best of the best.

Image Source – SBS

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Translated by Dasol Kim