The temperature is dropping and while you may be thinking about changing your outfit or makeup to match the earthy golds and browns of the season, have you thought about your skin?

In fall the weather cools, and you may find your skin looking a bit more rough, dull, and dry because skin begins to produce less sebum. Worse yet, this dryness makes your skin more susceptible to irritation. The dead skin reduces elasticity, and harder for skincare products like moisturizers, essences, and serums from absorbing and penetrating the skin.

As a result, exfoliation is necessary to keep the body’s largest organ in tip-top shape. However, don’t pick up your go-to scrub cleanser. Rather than using an abrasive scrub to stimulate the skin’s surface, it is better to utilizeĀ mild acids to gently remove build-up.

Don’t let the word acid intimidate you — the ones we are talking about weaken the bonds that hold the dull and dead skin on the surface making the exfoliation process much more gentle, even, and natural looking.

AHAs and BHA are the acids used in most skin care products. AHA stands or alpha hydroxy acids and includes glycolic and lactic acids while BHA is the short form for beta hydroxy/salicylic acid. These acids help to reduce texture, diminish fine line and wrinkles, firm skin, hydrate, and even skin tone.

Here are a few products that you can add to your routine.


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5. Vant36.5

4. Cosrx

3. Krave

2. Sidmool

1. Bonajour


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