A staff from SBS Drama “30 But 17” passes away, and the police are on the case to find out the cause.

According to a source from the industry, a staff member from SBS Drama “30 but 17” was found dead at his residence on August 1. Due to the reports, the deceased staff was a 30 year old man, who had taken a break from work two days before he was found dead. Currently, the police are on the case to find out what had caused his death.

Image Source – SBS Drama “30 but 17”

While they have not released an official statement regarding the cause, many speculate that he had died from a heatstroke. Regarding all rumors, SBS carefully and shortly responded, “we are waiting for the official statement from the police.”

Moreover, a national petition entitled “another person passed away. Please take strict measures on the working environment for drama production staff members” came up on the government petition board. The petition read, “a staff member from SBS “30 but 17″ passed away yesterday. He had participated in filming from July 28 to 30, in midst of the record-breaking heat. You should be aware that heat plus overload of work could be what had caused his death.”

Image Source – Petition Board from www1.president.go.kr 

The petitioner continued, “I’m sure the police will have a thorough investigation on the case. However, us staff members are trying survive. We work to live, not to die. Please make changes regarding our working environment. Please, I beg of you.”

Meanwhile, the drama “30 but 17” announced that it will keep filming despite the tragedy.

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Translated by Dasol Kim