Actress San-ha Oh received a prize for her humanitarian and philanthropic work over the years.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

At the Seoul International Correspondents’ Club Awards event held at the Hilltop Hotel in Seoul, actress San-ha Oh was honored for her philanthropic work with the 12th Global Donation Cultural Contribution Award.

In response to the receiving recognition, the actress said that she “act responsibly asĀ an actor” and improve the social welfare of others. To do so, she has contributed her time to be a social worker for the past two years. During that time she took care of the elderly and earned certificates in social work, senior psychology, and psychological consulting. In addition to that, Oh is also known for her generous donations to different organizations.

Before getting this award, Oh was also received the Popular Culture Award at the 2018 Korea Internet Journalist Awards jointly hosted by the Korea Internet Journalists Association and the Korea Internet Media Ethics Committee in October.


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