San E takes the liberty to explain his true intention behind his track, “Feminist”

On November 19, rapper San E took to his personal Instagram to address the public’s confusion about his newest track “Feminist” and settled the dispute among many.

4 days prior, San E became the topic of the town when he released a non-confirmed video regarding the controversial “Isu Subway Station” incident. The incident involved two women and three men in an argument over feminism, which later developed into a physical quarrel. As the police are investigating the matter, San E poured fuel into the fire by posting a video that contained the women’s rather hateful comments towards the men, which reportedly led up to the fight.

The following day, San E released his new track “Feminist,” where the rapper argued that while he is a feminist himself, he does not understand the modern day feminist’s logic of everything about their lives being so unfair just because they are women.

The rapper first began, “hello, this is San E. To be honest, I worried that if I were to write an explanation for my track “Feminist,” people would accuse me of giving it an excuse, or even worse, I’m so weak that I change my beliefs based on what other people think of me. I just wanted to believe that once I put out a song, it’s the public’s job to judge it, and if I continue to stay silence, they will eventually understand my true intention.”

He continued, “however, it didn’t matter to me how I appeared to others, once I received a message from a long-time fan of mine, who said she felt betrayed by me. She told me that she trusted and supported me for the past 10 years, but she now regrets it all. She asked me if the song is truly what I think and asked me to “wake up” and realize it’s all wrong.”

“The track ‘Feminist’ is not a song expressing hatred towards women. If you listen to the song once more, you will realize that the narrator is not me. I genuinely believe that I did the best to sneakily implant some political elements into the song, considering the fact that I usually enjoy novels and films with meta perspective. I guess it wasn’t enough.”

“I chose this topic because I wanted to come off strong on the ongoing societal issues regarding ‘men vs. women.'”

“and my true intention behind this track is to attack on the person who seem like a feminist on the outside, arguing for gender equality and expressing their respect for women, but they do not act or think accordingly on the inside.”

“I sincerely hope that my explanation will come as a consolation to my fan I’ve mentioned above and others who felt similar feelings with her.”

Image Source – Instagram @sanethebigboy
He concluded at the end, “the narrator in the song does not represent all men. I’m also not saying that the majority of men feels like this.

“Logical man and woman love and respect one another. I don’t deny the existence of Megalia and Womad, but they are not feminists. They do not argue for gender equality, they hate on the opposite sex just like Ilbe’s do.”

“I’m well aware that we live in the world where just being a woman is a plenty of excuse for being the victim of crime. I am shocked every time I hear a woman’s cry for help. Because I am not a woman, unless I’m born into one in another life, I won’t truly feel what it’s like to live as a woman. However, men also do not wish to live in a world, where crimes could happen out of nowhere. But this also does not give an excuse to attack and hate all men. I’m sorry. I hope that with this, you will realize my true intention behind the song. The rest of criticism, I will humbly accept.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim