San E is under fire for making offensive remarks towards Womad and Megalia at “Brand New Year” concert to continue his battle on feminism.

On December 2, “Brand New Year 2018” concert took place at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul Olympic Park. The concert featured rappers and artists from Brand New, including Verbal Jint, Kanto, MXM, Bumkey, San E, as well as Lee Dae-Hwi and Park Woo-Jin of Wanna One.

The concert went on for about 3 hours, involving 5000 completely sold-out seats. The artists decorated the stage with special performances and heated up the venue, that is until San E appeared and poured cold water all over the stage.

When San E showed up, many of the audience showed negligence for his performance, not even a single bob in the head. Some audience even held a slogan that targeted the rapper for being an anti-feminist.┬áIt appears as if they had not forgiven him for the recent feminism controversy, involving his latest two tracks, “Feminism” and “6.9 cm.”

San E concluded his performance despite the cold attitude of the audience. The rapper seemed rather calm about the situation, until he started spitting fire at his anti-fans. He began by asking one of the audience holding the slogan, “Do you hate me?”

When the fan responded, “yes,” the rapper continued, “I’ve decided to like all of you. Why do you hate me? I hope that this performance helps you to turn your hatred to love.”

However, his comment rather got hateful for when he started to call out on Womad and Megalia members. San E said, “Womad and Megalia are evils in this society. You guys are all mental. I have no obligation to respect those who don’t respect me. No matter how much you attack me, I don’t care. No matter what you say, I only support women with the right mind and attitude.”

Image Source – Brand New
Afterwards, the audience started to chant “apologize” to San E, who had already left the stage. The concert completely stopped for about 10 minutes, before all artists came out for one last performance together.

Rhymer, the founder and CEO of Brand New, came out first and apologized for the incident. The rapper said, “I sincerely apologize to those who may feel uncomfortable with what just happened. The artists at Brand New all have different opinions. They are allowed to have different philosophies and beliefs.”

Following the concert, San E took to Instagram and announced upcoming track. The track is reportedly yet another song targeted at Womad and Megalia, in which the rapper wished to continue his battle on feminism. Furthermore, he also posted the actual footage from the concert, which contains his remarks and cursing at the event. In the comment, he wrote, “now, they (Womad and Megalia) are coming. Stay turned for my new release tonight, on YouTube.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim