While former girl group S.E.S. Shoo is on trial for illegally gambling hundreds of millions of won abroad, her ‘court fashion’ has become the talk of the town.

Image source – OSEN News

Shoo attended her first hearing at the Dongbu District Court on Seoul on Thursday morning regarding an illegal gambling charge that emerged last year. Making her way to the building, the singer’s outfit surprised onlookers and reporters on location.  

Shoo’s elegant gloves and glasses, while black, drew attention and controversy. Seeming for the sake of fashion rather than necessity, many netizens felt that she accessories damaged her image even more.

Usually, celebrities wear simple black clothing when they appear in court or are summoned to go to a police station for questioning; it creates a sense of formality and professionalism.


Some netizen wrote that her outfit was “too much” for a court hearing. Others speculated that she wore the gloves to hide her nails which may have had ostentatious nail art. Unfortunately, it seems controversy regarding the appropriateness of the singer’s outfit will likely continue for the time being.

Meanwhile, Shoo is suspected of illegally gambling abroad totaling 798.25 million won last year. Moreover, according to the prosecution, she gambled over two dozen times since August 6.

During the hearing, she admitted to all of the prosecution’s charges. “I have read the indictment, and I admit all the charges,” said Shoo. Another individual referred to as “A” who lent around 200 million won to Shoo knowing that it was going to be used for gambling has also been indicted.

When leaving the court, the singer spoke briefly to reporters where she apologized for her action and said she is reflecting on her actions.



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