S.E.S. member Shoo has admitted that she is the one who is involved in the current gambling debt controversy.

JoongAng Ilbo

On August 2, local media outlets in Korea reported that a famous girl group member who was active in the 90s is sued for gambling debts.

According to E Daily’s report on the following day, Shoo has admitted that she is the one who is involved in the lawsuit.

“I fell into gambling when I visited a casino with acquaintances of mine,” said Shoo through the interview. “As I didn’t even know the rules I lost a big sum and the situations got worse as I couldn’t pay back the high interest.”

Shoo made a decision to come out as rumors mentioned fellow member Eugene’s name.

“I made up my mind to reveal the truth after seeing beloved Eugene’s name on the top of real-time search charts. No matter what the reason was, I sincerely apologize for causing issues,” said Shoo.

Previously, media outlets reported that both Eugene and Shoo strongly denied their involvements in the gambling debt controversy. However, Shoo clarified that neither herself nor her agency denied her involvement.

“It is true that I’m in a huge debt of $600K, but I did not use all the money for gambling,” Shoo added. “I acutely realized how gambling is so dangerous. I will make sure to pay back the debts and will not cause any more trouble.”


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