Actor Yoo Hae-Jin and Ryu Jun-Yeol may reunite in a new historical war film, ‘Battle.’

On May 4, both actors’ agencies confirmed that the actors received the offer to star in movie ‘Battle’ and are currently reviewing with positive outlook.

Movie ‘Battle’ will tell the story about the Battle of Bongodong from 1920, where Korean independence fighters confronted and won against Japanese military forces. While the movie was first introduced as director Kim Han-Min’s successor movie from ‘The Admiral: Roaring Currents,’ it never happened. Therefore, director Won Shin-Yun from ‘Memoir of a Murderer’ ended up taking charge.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hae-Jin and Ryu Jun-Yeol previously appeared in the movie ‘A Taxi Driver‘ in 2017. Much anticipation is rising regarding the possibility of the two actors’ reunion in another historical film.

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Translated by Dasol Kim