Is the Latest Running Man love-line real? The show’s PD says “Yes!”

Running Man
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The romantic chemistry between the two members is real, according to the variety show’s PD.  In an interview last month the PD talked about the two saying, “Truthfully, the two are on the same wavelength and are very close privately. However, we did not push to create a love-line between them on the show. If something is going on during filming, subtle as it may be, I will only let it run its course and capture the reactions of the cast” he explained.

Screen capture from episode 332 of ‘Running Man’ – SBS

A scene in the 2017 new year’s special episode demonstrates the PD’s point. In a fortune-telling segment, Kim Jong-kook is informed that right now he “can adapt to new changes and follow a new path.” In response, Kim Jong-kook asks, who he should follow with the fortune-teller answering, “Song Ji-hyo.”

Later the fortune-teller reveals that the two have a compatibility rate of 85-90 percent. The entire scene is funny and entertaining with Yoo Jae-suk outright telling them to get married and consider the option. Moreover, this prediction continued in 2018 with the fortune-teller telling Song Ji-hyo that Kim Jong-kook can help her grow.


However, even though the love-line was born on the show, the PD comments that he does not believe that Song Ji-hyo would participate in, or present false emotions. He says, “because Song Ji-hyo was apart of the “Monday Couple,” I think it would be burdensome for her to be in another love-line on the show. But being so close seems to make people suspicious.” He continues, touching on the reactions to the chemistry between the two. “People who watch the show say they are bored with the love-line. However, we can’t hide what is happening; it is absolutely not a show [fake]” he reaffirmed.



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