Yoo Jae-suk and Jeon So-min who both star on SBS’ “Running Man” talking about lovelines and Lee Kwang-soo’s relationship on “Happy Together 4.”

Image source – KBS2

Actress and “Running Man” member Jeon So-min appeared on the latest episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 4” along with singer Hong Jin-young, Norazo’s Jo Bin, Kim Hoyoung, and Park Yoo-na. Known for their happy and charismatic depositions, the show was a delight for audience members and viewers.

Talking a bit about romance, or the perception of it, Jeon So-min said that the most embarrassing moment for her in 2018 happened at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards. There, comedian and MC Shin Dong-yup commented that she and Lee Kwang-soo had a passionate love for one another.

It put Jeon — who already know about Lee’s relationship with Lee Sun-bin — in an awkward position. “I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t manage my expression,” said Jeon. However, her expression only seemed to add fuel to the fire.

Regarding this, MC and fellow “Running Man” member Yoo Jae-suk commented that he knew that moment would make its way into the news cycle the next day. At that time, he recalls sitting next to Lee, who had pinched his thigh in nervousness.

Besides that, Jeon also talked about how the members of “Running Man” supported her when he moved into her new residence. Yoo bought her a TV set, Ji Suk-jin gave her a rice cooker, while Lee gifted her a sofa. To this day, the actress said that every time she watches television she thinks of Yoo.





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