Microdots whereabouts remain unclear and rumors that the rapper is on the run have gained momentum after a media outlet reported that his house is now mysteriously empty.

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On the December 11 broadcast of SBS’ “E-news Exclusive,” different stories about celebrities, their families, and long-hidden debts were the focus of the show.

Since Microdot’s parents were exposed for fraud, A growing number of entertainers have been mired in controversy due to their parents’ long-hidden and unpaid for debts and schemes. Unlike some of the celebrities like involved like Dok2, Ma Dong-seok, and former SNSD member Tiffany, when the scandal involving his parents became public late last month, Microdot essentially disappeared.

Image source – SBS

In addition to stepping down from all of his entertainment programs, he reportedly moved out of his home at an unknown date. One of his neighbors spoke to SBS and said that they heard him moving and that he left sometime at night. A real estate agent confirmed the speculation that he moved out. “The house was sold,” said a real estate official in the area where Microdot lived. Now another person resides at the residence.

In addition to Microdot, his older brother, Sanchez and both of his parents have notably been absent as well. The family’s disappearance comes after they assured authorities and media that they would cooperate with the police investigation and had not “intention of hiding or escaping.”

Last month, police asked INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) for assistance in detaining Microdots parents, who currently live in New Zealand. However, under current law, they were only able to prevent them from escaping outside of New Zealand but cannot forcibly repatriate them.

The prosecution and police also announced on November 29 that they are considering the process of requesting their extradition. However, it is expected that it will take a long time for that to take place due to bureaucratic red tape process.

If they do decide to pursue this option, they will have to go through and wait for a decision by the Korean Ministry of Justice, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the New Zealand court, and the New Zealand police. “Even if the repatriation is decided, it will take more than two years,” said a police official.




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