False reports emerged earlier today announcing that Cho Jae-hyun would return to acting.

Cho Jae-hyun
Image source – OSEN News

Earlier today, numerous news sites reported that Cho Jae-hyun, who has admitted to sexually harassing women in February, has been preparing to return to acting.

Apparently, he was preparing for the play “B Class” at the Suhyunjae Theater starting on May 3. Unsurprisingly, the news caused public outrage. However, the play’s producers assert that this is not true. “It (the play) has nothing to do with the return of Cho Jae-hyun performing,” said a representative. Explaining, they said that the play was a coronating performance at the theater, which was founded by Cho.

More, the representative continued saying that they had been preparing for the play for a long time. In fact, as part of the preparations for the play they had already signed a contract with the theater months ago. When the Cho’s controversy emerged, the producers were “mindful” of the situation. However, in consideration of the actors and staff who have been preparing for the performance, they decided to continue with the reservation.

Additionally, the producers hope that the public will not focus on “erroneous information” and view the play negatively. More, they reassure that they, the actors and staff have reflected on the situation. Further, they respect not only the art world but society and social movements as a whole.

On the other hand, Cho published a letter where he admitted to sexual harassment after being named in a public post. More, in the letter, the actor apologizes to the victims, but that did not mean that he has been forgiven. Due to public backlash, Cho has halted all of his activities and left the drama “Cross,” which he was filming at the time.



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