Various rumors of Microdot’s whereabouts following the controversy regarding his parents continue to arise as some argue that he has fled to New Zealand.

Microdot first came off strong to announce his plans to take legal action against allegations of his parents committing fraud. Soon enough, alleged victims arise to the surface, leading the rapper to publicly apologize and admit the fault of the family.

As the police announced their intention to ask the INTERPOL for putting Microdot’s parents on the wanted persons list, various rumors about the whereabouts of Microdot are also circulating on various online communities.

One particular rumor suggests that the rapper has fled to New Zealand, where the rest of his family is currently residing. The rumors started on his social network account, from which his followers can check his location. The last location the account was logged into registered as Auckland, New Zealand. As a result, many argued that the rapper has gone oversea to discuss the matter with his parents.

However, some argue that there could be an error on the network itself. Moreover, some suggest that his family members could have logged into the rapper’s account to check on the news and see the reaction of the public.

Soon afterwards, an acquaintance of the rapper came forward to the press and confirmed that the rapper is currently in Korea.

According to the source, Microdot is being careful even to have a discussion with the police since he is not the direct suspect of the case. Furthermore, they emphasized that although the rapper was unaware of the situation, he plans to take responsibility to make up for the lost time.

However, this argument of the acquaintance is just another theory. The police announced that they tried to get in contact with the rapper and his agency, but failed to do so. As a result, there has been no progress regarding the case, let alone to call in the parents of Microdot for an investigation.

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Translated by Dasol Kim