The new rookie actors have already started their first project under JYP Entertainment.

Flowery end actors
Image source: JYP Entertainment

The new actors Kang Hoon and Jung Geon-joo have signed exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment (herein referred to as JYPE), who will manage their full-time acting activities.

Kang Hoon has demonstratable talent with his stand-out performances in past short films. This includes “Kori”, “Picnic”, and “Meaning of You”. In addition to his acting chops, Kang Hoon also possesses good looks.

On the other hand, Jung-joo has already appeared in a JYPE production. He was a featured extra in DAY6’s newest song “I Like You”, which dropped on December 6.

On December 11, a JYPE official said, “Both Kang Hoon and Jung Geon-joo are expected to have to have stable and smooth performances. To do so, JYPE will provide full support and active management.” they said.

Both stars have already embarked on their first project under the label. The actors will star in the web drama “Flowery End”. It is a┬ádrama about the concerns and tribulations that those in their 20s have with marriage. “FLowery End” is currently in the production stage and will begin airing in January 2018 on YouTube, Facebook, and Naver TV.

Jung Geon-joo has taken the role of Choi Woong, a one-time athlete who has trouble expressing his emotions. However, his girlfriend somehow has the ability to bring out the best in him.

Opposite Geon-joo, Kang Hoon’s role is that of “beautiful man” Yoo Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo is a well-rounded man with great looks, personality, and ability, but believes himself to be quite ordinary. For Hyun-soo he believes that the greatest happiness would be to marry someone, have enriching conversations, and live a normal life.

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