Red Velvet members are to make guest appearances in the upcoming episode of “Knowing Bros.”


On August 4, the JTBC variety show, “Knowing Bros,” will feature K-pop girl group Red Velvet as the special guest. In the episode, the members will open up about their Pyongyang performance in April for the first time.


In the episode, Member Seulgi talks about how she cleverly modified the “gun shoot” choreography for “Bad Boy.” Joy, who could not make it to the performance because of her schedule, shares a hilarious story about how she appeased the disappointment in missing the performance.


Members of Red Velvet, who have been making regular appearances in “Knowing Bros” since 2016, did not disappoint this time either. In the episode, the members will also show off the stage performance for their upcoming comeback.

The episode of “Knowing Bro” featuring Red Velvet will air on August 4.


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