SubKulture Entertainment announced that girl group Red Velvet will have a fanmeet in the US at the end of April.

Image source – SM Entertainment

In a Twitter post made by SubKulture on March 21 announcing that popular girl group Red Velvet will have their first ever US fanmeet at the end of April. Red Velvet is the first K-pop girl group to hold an independent fanmeet in the US — at least within the last few years.

According to the announcement, the group will have the even in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater. The theater is located in the suburbs of the Chicago and has a capacity of 4,400. More, SubKulture has not confirmed if there will be tiered tickets or other benefits. Further details regarding the fanmeet’s schedule and tickets will be released later.

Meanwhile, SubKulture is a management company that whos clientele includes Korean entertainment companies. More, they manage GOT7’s series of fanmeets in 2017 and will be handling their North American branch of the group’s world tour this year. In addition to GOT7, the company has also overseen the live events of BTS, Infinity, Block B and TV shows “Show Me The Money” and “K-Pop Star.”

On another note, Red Velvet is preparing for a series of performances in North Korea as part of the inter-Korea summit.



By O.C