Girl group Red Velvet finished their first tour in North American with a successful Vancouver performance.

Image source – SM Entertainment

Red Velvet concert in Vancouver, Canada was the endpiece its Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE], a seven-city tour throughout North America that included stops in Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, and more. It is a triumph for the girl group, its agency, and for women in the K-pop industry; it is the first time a girl group has had an independent tour in the west since the Wonder Girls in 2010.

The group’s last concert took place at the PNE Forum last week where they performed 20 of their hit songs and fan favorites. Songs like “Russian Roulette,” “Rookie,” “Peekaboo,” and “Power Up,” energized the fans who cheered enthusiastically. In particular, in consideration of their audience, Red Velvet performed English versions of “Bad Boy” and “RBB” their most recent releases.

Talking to the audience, the members talked about their tour and their experience “We were able to have such a good time with our American and Canadian fans and [because of that] we are happy,” they said. Thanking fans for coming to their performance they said they have big plans for the year to come.



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