Red Velvet, one of the hottest female Kpop groups, will be coming to US and Canada for their ‘REDMARE’ solo concert tour in February 2019.

SM Entertainment

Kicking off the new year, Red Velvet will be touring in the USA and Canada in a month! Red Velvet will be performing for 5 days in the USA, (2/8) Los Angeles, (2/10) Dallas, (2/13) Miami, (2/15) Chicago and (2/17) Newark. Red Velvet will also be performing for 2 days in Canada, (2/19) Toronto and (2/21) Vancouver. This will be the first time Red Velvet is touring Canada. More details can be found on Red Velvet’s official Facebook Page. Reveluvs are you ready?

For those who need something to tide you over until the concert tour kicks off, Red Velvet will be releasing a new digital single [SAPPY] in Japan on January 6 12AM (JST). The teaser is already out on SMTown’s Youtube Channel.

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By Sara N