Kim Do-yeon, who set a new Korean women’s marathon record for the first time in 21 years, has signed an official contract with a sponsor.

Kim Do-Yeon
Kim Do-Yeon – Descente

On Thursday, sports brand Descente announced that it will sponsor all of the clothing and sporting supplies for track and field athlete Kim Do-yeon. Notably, the company is Kim’s first official sponsor.

Kim holds a new Korean record in the 5,000-meter race after finishing with a time of 2:25:41. In doing so, she broke the previous record that held for some 21 years. Currently, she is considered the best female athlete in Korea’s medium and long distance races.

By working in partnership with Kim, Descente hopes to further market itself as a brand for elite athleticism and sportsmanship. Utilizing their research and development center in Busan, a city at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, Descente plans to create better clothing and shoes for athletes like Kim.

Meanwhile, Kim will be the television commercial model for the brand’s new Energy running show with still picture ads already in print.





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