Simon Dominic has issued an official apology for an angry outburst he had during an Instagram Live.

Image source – Instagram

On December 9, rapper Simon Dominic (herein referred to as Simon D) grew angry with a fan during an Instagram Live session. The outburst from the rapper shocked many fans and compelled the rapper to apologize.

During the broadcast, Simon D recommended the viewers listen to DJ Wegun’s song. In response to the suggestion, one viewer wrote that he was promoting the DJ based on personal connections. This one comment changed the course of the Instagram live.

Simon quickly angered and went on a tirade, dropping formalities and using swear words. Directed that the commenter, the rapper said “don’t listen if you don’t want to,” “You’re just in your room listening to music,” and asking if the viewer thinks making music is easy. Additionally, Simon D said that his rant was not due to alcohol, but it was something he always wanted to say.

In response to his outburst, some sided with the rapper saying that they understood why he was so outspoken. However, on the other hand, some said that he was too hasty. Notwithstanding that the live stream happened on his personal account, he is still a public figure and needs to be mindful of his position.

Image source – Instagram

Later, Simon D apologized for his outburst though a post on his Instagram account. In the apology, he writes that he is “sorry to have offended many last night for [my] inappropriate speech and abuse on Instagram Live.”

Additionally, he refuses to make any excuses for his behavior. “This is my mistake without excuses, and I sincerely apologize to those who could have been disappointed by my careless words and actions,” he said.

Unfortunately, even with the apology, fans continue to argue over the situation. In particular, the controversy seems to have escalated as Simond D has gained popularity since starring in MBC’s “I Live Alone.”



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