Rapper Loco has apparently applied to become an conscripted policemen to fulfill his mandatory military duties!

On August 13, a representative of Loco confirmed that the rapper recently filed an application to become an conscripted policemen. The agency said, “it is true Loco applied as a policeman to fulfill his military duties. The time has neared that he enlists in military.”

Furthermore, the agency also revealed that they are still waiting for the results to come out. They continued, “while we do not know the results yet, he will serve his country diligently and accordingly.”

Meanwhile, reports previously stated that conscripted policeman system would no longer be an option for celebrities.The marijuana scandal with BIGBANG’s TOP, who was serving as a policeman at the time, had apparently influenced the abolishment of the system, which had begun by preventing celebrities to apply for the system anymore.

However, pictures of LOCO showing up to turn in his application spread like a wild fire on August 13, proving that the system still exists.

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Translated by Dasol Kim