“Unpretty Rapstar” Jessi is ready to make your summer hot with a new single next month.

Image source – YMC Entertainment

On June 26, a representative from YMC Entertainment, Jessi‘s agency announced the news saying that the rapper is “due to release a new digital single on July 6.”

The rapper, who rose to fame due to her appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar,” released her first mini album Un2verse last year around the same time. Further, with that album, she effectively showed off her strong personality in both the songs and her music videos.

Additionally, according to her agency, her new single has a “cool sound” that goes better with the hot summer. More, it will feature Jessi in the role of vocalist and rapper where she will show of her skill as a singer. However, the agency and the rapper intend to make sure that it completely reflects her as an artist. “We are planning to show her unique sense and presence through this single,” the agency said.

Meanwhile, YMC Entertainment will release the song on various music websites at 6 pm on July 6.



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