Gary has uploaded has uploaded a short teaser for his new upcoming and long-awaited single.

Rapper Gary who is known for his long-time role on “Running Man,” and his music as part of the duo Lessang and as a soloist is returning on August 7. According to a surprise announcement made last week, the rapper will release a new digital single titled “Sun” on different music sites on that day at 6 pm KST.

Further, according to the rapper, the solo single is going to be an R&B track with unique musical color that is a signature of artists. Moreover, taking a look at the clip that the rapper uploaded on Instagram on August 6, the song will have a hot summer vibe.

Meanwhile, it has been over almost a year since Gary released his last song “Worry” last October. It was one of the few songs that he has released under his own label YangBans Nation, which he founded in 2016 — the same year he left “Running Man” to focus on music. With this release, man predicts more from the rapper during the second half of this year.



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