According to a report from a media outlet, a person whose identity is being withheld, alleges that Dok2 mother defrauded them out of 10 million won.

Image source – OSEN News

On Monday, a media outlet reported that the mother of rapper Dok2 borrowed 10 million won (8,860 USD) from a friend she met in middle school in Daegu. According to the report, the middle school friend, referred to as ‘A,’ lent the money after the IMF Crisis (also known as the Asian Financial Crisis) in the late 1990s.

Additionally, ‘A’ claims after not being paid back the loaned amount, they filed a civil suit with the Daegu District Court in 2002 and won the following year. However, they still did not receive the owed amount.

In response, Dok2 addressed the accusations in a broadcast on social media. The rapper admitted that his mother borrowed money from an acquaintance after going into bankruptcy help support a restaurant she owned. However, he claims that she never cheated anyone and abide by the legal process.

Moreover, regarding the alleged meeting at Incheon International Airport, the rapper said that perhaps ‘A’ spoke to his brother, but he had never personally interacted with the accuser nor been asked for payment. “I haven’t been informed of anything since the 2003 case was closed,” Dok2 he said. “If you need money, come and talk to me in person. I’ll pay you back. I didn’t know.”



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