According to a reportĀ on Tuesday, rapper Cheetah and independent movie star Nam Yeon-woo are in a relationship.

Image source – Korea Daily

On Tuesday, a media outlet reported that rapper Cheetah is dating director and actor Nam Yeon-woo. Further, a close associate of the two said they are dating freely without concern. Regarding this, Cheetah admitted to being in a relationship but said she was hesitant to reveal their identity.

Now that that Nam has been revealed to be her boyfriends, netizens have sought additional information on that actor. As a result, he ranked as the top search term after the article was published. Further, because Cheetah is a well-liked female rapper, it is expected that public interest in their relationship won’t die down anytime soon.

Image source – OSEN News

Cheetah earned her name to fame when she won the first season hip-hop survival show “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015. Currently signed to C9 Entertainment, the rapper has appeared in various brand campaigns and continued to release music.

On the other hand, Nam graduated from the acting department at the Korea National University of Arts, made his debut in 2010. Since then he has acted in several projects including the film Fatal, which earned him a Best Actor award.



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