Rain has opened up about the rumors accusing his parents of fraud.

Earlier on November 27, a person known as “A” argued that the parents of singer/actor Rain had borrowed a large sum of money from his parents in 1988 and haven’t paid back.

Following the accusation, Rain Company responded, “we will meet with the other party to check the existence of the debt. Afterwards, we will come up with a resolution that satisfies both parties involved.”

The following is the official statement from Rain Company:

Hello, this is Rain Company.

We ask for your understanding as our official statement was delayed in order to accurately check the fact and prepare the appropriate response.

Currently, our company is in the middle of determining whether there’s a truth in what’s being argued by the other party. Because the argument was directed mainly towards the mother, who has passed away, we will meet with the other party as soon as possible to check the existence of debt. We plan to do our best to come to a quick resolution.

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Translated by Dasol Kim