Rain has announced to take legal action against the person accusing the artist’s parents of fraud.

On November 28, Rain Company announced the official stance on the accusations of fraud against Rain’s parents. The company begun, “the person addressed as “A” did not even have the proper document when we met up. He did not have the I.O.U nor the original copy of the promissory note. He also argued that he has the ledgers with the evidence, but so inconveniently had left it at home.”

They further stated, “in order to check the existence of debt, Rain and his father met up with “A” for a discussion. However, the meeting proved nothing. Not only did he not have the necessary document to support his argument, he poured out offensive remarks at the family and demanded a large sum of money for settlement.”

“Ultimately, we couldn’t come to an agreement or a conclusion. Following the meeting, we have decided that the accusation was falsely made, and thus severely defamed not only the artist, but his family as well,” they continued.

At the end, the company announced their plans to take legal action for defamation.

They concluded, “Rain will continue to check the facts and take full responsibility as the son. If the argument of the other party is proven true, the singer will pay back the debt in full amount. However, the offensive remarks of “A” are severely defaming the artist and his father, and especially his mother who has passed away. In order to restore Rain and his parents’ reputation, we plan to take all possible legal action.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim