‘Method’ is an upcoming queer film that tells the love story between a male idol and an actor.

On Oct 23, the director and cast of upcoming film, ‘Method’, held a press conference at CGV Yongsan. Director Pang Eun-jin and actors Park Sung-woong, Yoon Seung-ah and Oh Seung-hoon were present.

‘Method’ is about two actors – Jae-ha and Young-woo, who use method acting to get immersed in their characters. The two get absorbed to the point where their acting causes a real-life scandal.

Jae-ha (Park Sung-woong) and Young-woo (Oh Seung-hoon) meet through a theater production called ‘Unchain’ and fall in love. Amidst this, Hee-won (Yoon Seung-ah), Jae-hae’s girlfriend, is forced to watch her lover fall for his fellow co-actor. The film talks about dangerous love and the relationship between all three characters.

This film marks rookie actor Oh Seung-hoon and veteran actor Park Sung-woong’s first queer film. “The kiss scene [with Oh Seung-hoon] was a challenge for me, but the more you get to know Oh Seung-hoon, the easier it is to fall for his charms,” Park said.

Oh Seung-hoon shared his thoughts on the film from a rookie perspective. “I thought being a rookie actor meant I had to work hard in everything and that veteran actors didn’t have to work as hard. I came to my senses after witnessing Park Sung-woong sunbaenim’s efforts and was able to regain my focus after seeing his performance,” he said.

“The two characters’ love is an infatuation.”

Yoon Seung-ah gave her opinions on the two main characters’ love and her character, Hee-won. “I think the two characters’ love is an infatuation. Hee-won is not consumed by their reality. She is someone who helps bring the two back to their centers – a cool-headed character.”

Actors Park Sung-woong and Yoon Seung-ah praised the rookie actor’s performance. “Seung-hoon stood out to me as I was observing the audition with the director. He never lost his nerves in front of me,” Park shared.

“Since this is was my first appearance in a while, it took some effort for me to get used to the environment. I was happy to work with Park Seung-woong sunbaenim, and Oh Seung-hoon is very charming person. I enjoyed working with them,” Yoon said.

‘Method’ will hit the theaters on Nov 2.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang