Korean theater, film, and drama Choi Il-hwa issues an apology for sexual misconduct.

Choi Il-hwa
Image source – OSEN News

On February 25 Choi Il-Hwa said, “I offer my sincerest apology. If there is anything that I have done, I will admit to it voluntarily and take the blame.

Choi voluntarily apologized and admitted fault under the pretense of wanting to reduce the injuries of sexual abuse victims. He said, “Regardless of the reason, I am truly sorry. I don’t want the victims’ identity to be revealed and cause more damage.”

Although Choi has now come forward regarding the current sexual misconduct allegations, this is not the first time he has been accused. A few years ago the actor was embroiled in a sex scandal regarding work on a play he was involved in.

Regarding that incident, Choi said, “When it happened I wanted to apologize, but I was terrified.” However, even though the actor revealed that the situation terrified him, it is fairly telling that the circumstances have basically repeated itself.

Currently, the chairman of the Korean Theater Actor’s Association, Choi Il-hwa is planning to resign from the position. “I accept my mistakes and will resign from my position.”

Concluding the announcement, he says that he “will be judged by the law according to the facts and the truth.” Reportedly, his agency will provide an official statement sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, Choi is a prolific actor having been in dozens of different productions. Some of his latest works include “The Swindler” (2017), MBC’s “Two Cops” (2017-2018), and OCN’s “Tunnel.”



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