Police applied for arrest warrants for Park Dong-won (28) and Cho Sang-woo (24) of Nexen Heroes who are suspected of sexually assaulting a drunk woman.

Nexen Heroes
Park Dong-won (left) and Cho Sang-soo (right) answer questions from the media – News 1

On June 1, an official from the Incheon Namdong Police Department said that they are seeking arrest warrants for Park Dong-won and Cho Sang-soo for possible sexual assault.

The incident where the alleged attack took place was reported last month on May 28. A friend of the victim called police at 5:21 am and said she believed the victim had been sexually assaulted while intoxicated.

As a result of the report, police summoned and questioned Park and Cho for 10 hours. During the interrogation, one of the players Cho, confesses that he had sex with the woman in question, but denied any forceful coercion or assault. On the other hand, Park has rejected all charges claimes that they “left after drinking together.”

However, the woman who reported the incident claims to have witnessed the attack in person. Further, she also argues that the two players tried to rape her as well. Moreover, she refutes Cho’s claims of consensual intercourse saying that the victim was “unconscious at the time.”

According to additional details revealed through the investigation, the two women and the baseball players were having dinner with drinks at a hotel in Incheon before heading to karaoke. Afterward, the entire party went to a hotel. There, the victim fell asleep in another room (in an apparent suite) due to intoxication.

At this time the friend was drinking with Cho until he left and went to the other room. The friend said she “felt strange” and decided to follow him and witnessed him committing the crime. The friend reported that Park raped the victim later.

Notably, the statements of the victims and the players differ significantly. As such, the police are reviewing their statements and will continue to analyzing evidence. Reportedly the police are also looking at CCTV footage from the night of the incident.



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