Police have launched an investigation into allegations that singer and entertainer Jung Joon-young (30) illegally filmed and circulated pornographic videos and photos.

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Image source – News1/ Ilgan Sports

Updated 3/12/2019 9:43 a.m. PST: Correction made to time period of illegal distribution from “years” to “ten months.”

On Monday, Yonhap News Agency reported that the Seoul Metro Police station was investigating singer and entertainer Jung Joon-young for distributing and allegedly distributing pornographic footage. According to reports, Jung shared the videos in a Kakao Talk chartroom with BIGBANG Seungri.

Police have confirmed that Jung also distributed video clips and photos of sexual acts in a chatroom with other acquaintances as well as with Seungri. With this confirmed, the authorities need to determine if he captured the footage illegally.

The police are planning to summon Jung for questioning in the near future. Should they find evidence that the videos and photos were obtained illegally, they can apply charges of using cameras and other devices to obtain footage under a law regarding sexual violence.

SBS News was the station that first reported that Jung has shared these pornographic images. According to the news station, he sent a secret video clip of a woman, whom he claimed to have sex with, in a chatroom. There are about 10 different women featured in the footage Jung shared over the course of ten months.

This investigation is another addition in a long string of crimes related to prostitution and illegal sexual acts in connection to club Burning Sun, BIGBANG Sungri, and some of his connections.

Meanwhile, Jung has been a cast member of several high-rated programs including “Law of the Jungle,” “Salty Trip,” and “Celebrity Bromance.”




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