Police have launched an investigation after obtaining information that two Nexen Heroes baseball players raped a woman.

Nexen Heroes
Image source – OSEN News

On May 23, an official from the Incheon Southeastern Police department said they are investigation Cho Sang-woo (24) and Park Dong-won (28) for possibly sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman. Reportedly, the alleged incident took place at a hotel in downtown Incheon.

A friend of the victim who was at the hotel reported the incident to police around 5:21 am. According to official reports, this friend specifically noted the condition of her friend and the possible criminal act. She said in that call that “my friend seems to have been sexually assaulted while drunk.”

Furthermore, police believe that the two players and two other people were in the same hotel room. Regarding this, an official said that they are investigating how four people ended up in the same room. Moreover, they plan to summon and examine the players with the intent to prosecute as soon as the victim makes a statement. “Based on the statement, we will coordinate when to summon the two players,” the official explained.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for the Nexen Heroes said that since the two are under investigation, they have decided to exclude them from participating in games. This exclusion is mandated under article 152 from the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

From May 23 onward, both Chao and Park are forbidden from participating in any team activities, including training and competitions. More, the ban will only be lifted once the investigation proves them guilty or innocent.

Additionally, the KBO will consider allowing participation in certain activities, extending the suspension period, or imposing sanction depending on the results of the legal process.



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