In September, a news channel reported that members of Ye-eun’s father’s church filed a lawsuit against the singer.

Image source – Korea Daily

Police cleared singer and former Wonder Girls’ member Park Ye-Eun of colluding with her criminal father in a fraud scheme.

The police recently completed an investigation of the singer. In conclusion, authorities said that they did not have any suspicion that Park helped her father in any way. Further, on October 5, they announced that only Park’s father was sent to the prosecution for questions.

Park’s father is accused of pocking around 20 billion won from church members that was supposedly intended for investment. According to reports, he had told his church attendees that he was planning on starting an entertainment business. Over time, he convinced them that it was low risk and there was a guaranteed return.

In a suit filed earlier this year the church member accused Park and her father of working together.

Meanwhile, Park is working on a new album.



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