Pizza Hut goes into damage control mode as it pulls advertisement campaign starring rapper Microdot.

Image source – OSEN News, Pizza Hut Korea

Food chain Pizza Hut selected Microdot as its new brand model and recently finished filming an advertisement. However, in light of the controversy surrounding the rapper’s parents, the company has gone into damage control mode as it tries to figure out the situations it has found itself in.

Just three days before the advertisement was set to air, Pizza Hut. Reportedly, the company’s marketers are currently conducting an evaluation of public opinion on their social media accounts. Further, instead of the commercial, it has also created a post poking fun at having to pull the advertisement. In the post, they have deleted all of the rapper’s scenes and replaced them with hand-drawn storyboard place cards to great comedic effect. They have released a fully edited version since the video was posted.

Although it found a witty way to deal with the release of the commercial, they may not have escaped the situation scot-free. Notwithstanding that Pizza Hut pulled the ad, having already been associated with Microdot, public opinion may tip negative. Moreover, the company cannot pass on any possible loss to the rapper given that the controversy happened prior to the ad airing. However, a company representative stated that they are looking over their contract with Microdot nevertheless.



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