The massive Pride Parade(s) that takes place in Seoul and the rest of Korea each year is the main event of the of Seoul Queer Culture Festival.

The Seoul Queer Culture Festival is an annual event that takes place for two weeks between late May and early June at Seoul City Hall Plaza. However, festivities that promote understanding and pride of the LGBTIQ community continue well into August with various celebrations.

This year the parade is set to take place on July 14,

Presiding Principles

1. Encourage the Pride of the LGBTIQ Community

Queer Cultural Festival is an opportunity to share courage and hope with Korean sexual minority who have been through social oppression and to promote communication. The Pride Parade is an open space to support the pride of sexual minorities through cultural exchanges, positive energy, undaunted by social discrimination.

2. Festival of Participation

The Queer Culture Festival is a festival that is faithful to the long-standing definition of the word, meaning that there are different artistic activities for those who want to be a participant, not a spectator.

3. Coexistence of Human Rights and Culture

The mission of the festival is to foster healing, harmony, and induce peaceful communication. At this festival, human rights are placed at the forefront of the cultural arena for publicity as well as capturing a diverse audience.

The event aims to be a chance for harmony in which those in the LGBTIQ community, who are suffering from discrimination and prejudice, have a platform to talk to address society first, reach out and shake hands, and share their joy.




By O.C