Cube Entertainment experienced a peak of success and popularity with the resident boy group Beast (now Highlight) and 4 Minute (disbanded) years ago. Since then the company has struggled to maintain its position of prestige until now.

Image source – Cube Entertainment

Boy group Pentagon and (G)I-DLE have shown an incredible amount of success over the past few weeks and seem to be heralding Cube Entertainment‘s next golden age.

On April 4, Pentagon released their sixth mini album Positive to eager fans and promoted on music shows. However, their album and song promotions did little to elevate the rank of “Shine,” the title track. A few weeks after their comeback the group’s song had already dropped to the 500th place on the daily chart.

Around April 15, a reversal began to take place, and the song gradually and organically climbed the ranks and eventually broke into the top 100. From then on it would only go higher signaling growth in their popularity.

In addition to Pentagon, Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group (G)I-DLE have already proven to be a hit. Their debut single “LATATA” has a reggae style that shows off the charisma of the different members. Currently, according to Melon Music’s real-time chart, the group song ranks in the top 20.

With their good performances on music charts and the overall positive reviews of their music, this next generation is leading the way to a new era for their agency.

Meanwhile, the entertainment agency will hold a company concert “2018 UNITED CUBE -ONE-” on June 16.



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