Park Seo-Joon decides to clarify his relationship with Park Min-Young and puts down all rumors once and for all!

On July 31, Park Seo-Joon participated in an interview to commemorate the end of tvN’s drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” During the interview, the actor himself addressed many rumors regarding his relationship with Park Min-Young, and clarified that they are just close work associates.

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First, the actor expressed that he feels rather unfortunate that his “romantic relationship” with Park Min-Young is receiving more attention than the drama. Park said, “it’s been 5 to 6 days since the end of the drama, but it feels like a month. We had a lot of fun filming for it and I’m glad many people seemed like they enjoyed it. It was a very busy schedule, but I put my best effort, so I do not have a single regret. I think this will be a drama that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

He continued, “to be honest, I wished that the drama received more attention than the dating rumors between me and Park Min-Young. Because we both worked very hard, it was upsetting that the drama was not receiving the attention we thought it had deserved. Furthermore, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have minded the rumors as much. I was upset that the focus had shifted to a less important topic.”

Image Source – tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”
Furthermore, Park Seo-Joon denied the rumors about him using his influence to cast Park Min-Young in the drama.

The actor said, “I heard that many people believed I used my influence to convince the drama staff to cast Park Min-Young. That’s just ridiculous. The director is in total charge of casting.”

He continued, “but there was one time when the director asked for my opinion regarding the female lead. At the time, I had already confirmed my appearance, and the director asked if I had any suggestions regarding my co-star. However, I think it’s a coincidence that we got to work together. I’m not as powerful and influential as people think I am, and most importantly, the director has to like the actor himself. I was curious to see who would get the position, as well. It took a considerate amount of time before the casting was finalized, and it makes no sense that I publicly picked an actress with whom I wanted to partner up.

Image Source – tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”
Lastly, Park Seo-Joon discussed the possibility of having a romantic relationship with Park Min-Young.

He said, “I don’t know what I can tell you when you ask it if there is a possibility. However, because I have to act like I’m in love with my co-star, I tend to think a lot about their strengths. Moreover, I always think “they are pretty” in my head when working with them. During the process of doing so, it’s inevitable that I develop fond feelings toward that person. I cannot assure you about a possibility, though. You never know.”

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While both Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-Young continued to deny their relationship, the K-netizens keep finding more and more evidence linking the actors closer together. One evidence found by the netizens was the number written on Park Seo-Joon’s personal baseball jersey. The number read “34,” and many suggested that it represented Park Min-Young’s birthday, which is March 4th.

Meanwhile, the two actors got involved in a dating rumor when a news outlet Sports DongA leaked the news. At the time, the outlet reported that the couple had been seeing each other for 3 years, even before they confirmed to appear in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” However, both actors denied the rumors within an hour of the news, explaining that they are just close friends.

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Translated by Dasol Kim