Although Wanna One’s group activities may be over, the friendship among the members continues.

According to multiple sources, Park Ji-hoon has collaborated on Ha Sung-woon’s solo debut song. He has done a rap featuring on the song to support his friend. The sources also told that Ha Sung-woon had directly asked Park Ji-hoon for the collaboration.

The song ‘Don’t Forget’ is Ha Sung-woon’s own music, which he has been writing during his Wanna One activities. Ha Sung-woon explained the song, “I have written the lyrics to remind everyone not to forget the good memories with people they love. I really hope everyone can remember the memories for a long time”.

Park Ji-hoon and Ha Sung-woon are not the only Wanna One members to collaborate. Earlier, it was reported that Lee Dae-hwi would participate in Yoon Ji-sung’s solo debut album as a composer. Therefore, although Wanna One’s all official activities as a group are over with ‘2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore’, it is anticipated that the members will continue working together.

Another source said, “Wanna One’s 11-member group activities are over, however, it is possible to see a synergy effect through unit activities. It is also great because we get to see different harmonies among some of the members”.


Original article
by Audrey Joung