Park Hye-Soo talks about how her kiss scene with co-star Do Kyung-Soo in new film “Swing Kids” was rather dangerous!

On December 10, actress Park Hye-Soo held an interview to talk about the new film “Swing Kids” for which she had starred in as the female lead. The actress begun, “when I saw it for the first time, I could only focus on how I appeared in the film. But, my third time seeing the film, I could relate to director Kang Hyung-Chul’s take on incorporating humor into a subject that could seem rather painful and tragic, so I enjoyed the film rather thoroughly.”

She continued, “I think this film will linger in my heart for a very long time. Including our director, the set itself warmed my heart. I felt like dreaming, seeing all these people hard at work, trying to make the best film possible. I’m glad that the product, despite what the numerical results may be, reflects our hard work that we had put in. I’m thankful and honored to be a part of such a great production.”

Park Hye-Soo also revealed some stories behind scenes with her co-star, Do Kyung-Soo.

The actress especially mentioned their kiss in the film and revealed how dangerous it was to film such a scene. She said, “our kiss in the film happens rather unexpectedly. In the film, one of the American soldiers pushes Do Kyung-Soo towards me, and our lips lock, accidentally. While filming, it was rather dangerous because it’s created with much force.”

She continued, “the inside of my lips even bled a little due to the force. Also, my character is supposed to act like she did not enjoy the kiss, so I had to show that through my facial expression. Sometimes, the director would said I went overboard, and sometimes, he would say I looked like I enjoyed it too much. At the end, I think it took us about 50 tries to get it right.”

Park concluded, “I worried that I might have ruined the scene. However, the audience who got to pre-view the film prior to the actual premiere said they enjoyed it very much. Now, I don’t feel much pressure. I hope that the results are good as what I had put into it.”

Meanwhile, film “Swing Kids” takes place in 1951 during the Korean War. It tells a story of about a group of 5 amateur dancers, who come together on their shared passion for dancing despite their brutal living situation at the POW camp in Geoje Island.

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Translated by Dasol Kim