Actor Park Hae-soo surprised fans by announcing his imminent wedding on January 14.

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On January 14, the actor famous for his role in “Prison Playbook” is marrying his girlfriend. He has developed the relationship with his 6 years younger girlfriend for the past year. The private wedding ceremony will be held in Seoul.

The actor’s long friend, also an actor Lee Ki-sub, is hosting the wedding, with Ulala Session’s Park Gwang-sun singing the wedding song.

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“I’m here to announce happy news,” wrote Park Hae-soo, announcing the marriage. “I’m about to begin new with the love of my life. She’s like a gift to me. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, who has been with me whether times are good or bad.”

“I will remember the loves and supports you’ve all been sharing with me.” He added. “I will put much effort to continue to be a good actor.”

Debuted in 2007, Park Hae-soo actively acted in several musicals. He made a TV drama debut through “Prison Playbook” last year and recently made a cameo appearance in “Memories of the Alhambra.”


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